Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin Au 7,78 g / 1/4 Ounce, Austrian Mint, Austria


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Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin Au 7,78 g / 1/4 Ounce, Austrian Mint, Austria

First issued in October 1989, the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is Europe’s most successful investment coin. According to the World Gold Council, it was the best selling gold coin in the world in 1992, 1995, 1996 and 2000. The coin was designed by Thomas Pesendorfer, the Austrian Mint’s chief engraver. He chose eight characteristic orchestral instruments: four violins either side of a cello in the foreground and the Viennese horn, the bassoon and the harp behind. The other side features the famous pipe organ from the Goldener Saal of the Viennese Musikverein, recognised throughout the world as the backdrop to the Philharmonic’s New Year concerts.

The nominal value of the gold coins is expressed in euros, whereas before 2001 it was in shillings. The actual value of a gold piece depends on the gold exchange price and is therefore much higher than the nominal value.

The Münze Österreich in Vienna is owned by the Austrian Central Bank. It was first mentioned historically in 1194. On his return from the Crusades, King Richard the Lionhearted was captured in Austria for a dispute with Duke Leopold V. He paid 15 tonnes of silver as ransom. Leopold decided to use this silver to make coins, and the first mint was set up in Vienna. In addition to coins, one of the oldest mints in the world, with a history of more than 825 years, also produces Austrian euro coins and commemorative medals. Goldman Graff is the official partner of the Mint.

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