Gold coin Dalmatian dog 1 ounce


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Gold coin Dalmatian dog 1 ounce

The one ounce gold coin (31,103 grams) is available in a limited series of only 999 pieces and is a suitable gift for special occasions. It belongs to the category of investment gold. It is made of gold of purity 999.9 / 1000. It comes with a certificate signed by the Governor of the Croatian National Bank.

“Dalmatian dog” is the first series of coins “Indigenous Croatia”. In 1994, the International Cynological Federation (FCI) recognized the Dalmatian dog as an autochthonous Croatian breed, and the Croatian origin of the breed is based on pictures and records from church chronicles from the 16th century.

The sculptor Nikola Vudrag turned the recognizable features of this breed into a conceptual design, as well as parts of the map of the Republic of Croatia. The spots characteristic of the Dalmatian dog are made in the form of various Croatian islands, and a part of the mainland is also shown in relief, with sea waves in the background.

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Croatian Mint

Weight (g)

31,103 g.

Packaging dimensions

Occasional box


Ø 32,00mm

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