Gold bar 500 g. Austrian Mint, Austria


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Gold bar 500 g. Austrian Mint, Austria

The 500 g. gold bar is a common choice for buyers who choose to purchase large quantities of gold. A certificate is stamped on each gold bar to prove authenticity and ensure that investment gold bars meet the highest Good Delivery standard, which is the international quality standard of the LBMA, London. Investment gold can be sold at any time through authorised dealers, as well as at most of the world’s banks. Goldman Graff’s investment gold pricing is linked to gold prices on the World Gold Exchange, so you can always check current prices at Choose also our exclusive packaging.

The Austrian Mint in Vienna is owned by the Austrian Central Bank. It was first mentioned historically in 1194. On his return from the Crusades, King Richard the Lionhearted was captured in Austria for a dispute with Duke Leopold V. He paid 15 tonnes of silver as ransom. Leopold decided to use this silver to make coins, and the first mint was set up in Vienna. In addition to coins, one of the oldest mints in the world, with a history of more than 825 years, also produces Austrian euro coins and commemorative medals. Goldman Graff is the official partner of the Mint.

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91.0mm x 41.5mm x 7.5mm






Münze Österreich

Packaging dimensions

Box 153.0mm x 75.0mm x 23.0mm

Weight (g)

500 g.

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