Gold bar 250 g. Valcambi, Switzerland


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Gold bar 250 g. Valcambi, Switzerland

The 250 g. gold bar is a frequent choice of Goldman Graff customers. As is the case for the 1000 g and 500 g gold bar, its higher weight results in a lower average price per gram. A certificate is stamped on each gold bar to prove authenticity and ensure that investment gold bars meet the highest Good Delivery standard, which is the international quality standard of the LBMA, London. Investment gold can be sold at any time through authorised dealers, as well as at most of the world’s banks. Goldman Graff’s investment gold pricing is linked to gold prices on the World Gold Exchange, so you can always check current prices at Choose also our exclusive packaging.

The origins of Valcambi company date back to 1961 and a precious metals refinery built under the name Valori & Cambi. The founders of Valcambi were a group of private Swiss investors. Today Valcambi is fully owned by Global Gold Refineries Ltd (GGR) incorporated in Switzerland. Valcambi’s headquarters and refining operations are located at Balerna in south-eastern Switzerland. Throughout its 60 year history Valcambi has focused solely on the business of precious metals refining.


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34.00mm x 59.00mm x 7.00mm






Valcambi Suisse

Packaging dimensions

85.0mm x 54.0mm

Weight (g)

250 g.

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