Gold bar 250 g. Argor Heraeus, Switzerland


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Gold bar 250 g. Argor Heraeus, Switzerland

The 250 g. gold bar is a frequent choice of Goldman Graff customers. As is the case for the 1000 g and 500 g gold bar, its higher weight results in a lower average price per gram. A certificate is stamped on each gold bar to prove authenticity and ensure that investment gold bars meet the highest Good Delivery standard, which is the international quality standard of the LBMA, London. Investment gold can be sold at any time through authorised dealers, as well as at most of the world’s banks. Goldman Graff’s investment gold pricing is linked to gold prices on the World Gold Exchange, so you can always check current prices at Choose also our exclusive packaging.

Argor Heraeus SA is a world-renowned gold mint. A leading refiner in Switzerland since 1951 and a member of the prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), it has been the reference mint in setting the world’s highest Good Delivery standard since 2004. The refinery has the capacity to process 400 tonnes of gold per year, which is sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition to private individuals, customers include investment gold dealers, commercial banks, industrial and other gold producers, as well as central banks.

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50.0m x 31.0mm x 9.0mm






Argor Heraeus

Packaging dimensions

Box 153.0mm x 75.0mm x 23.0mm

Weight (g)

250 g.

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