Canadian Maple Leaf 1/4 ounce


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Canadian Maple Leaf 1/4 ounce (Royal Canadian Mint)

Simple and plain in design, this Canadian investment gold coin is considered one of the world’s leading investment coins. The Royal Canadian Mint has produced this gold coin since 1979, making it one of the oldest investment gold coins available to wider public, along with the South African Krugerrand and Austrian Crown. The face of the coin depicts a maple leaf, a Canadian national symbol, and the other side has Queen Elizabeth’s portrait.

The Canadian Maple Leaf is protected by safety measures implemented in 2013 and 2015. These include micro laser-engravings of small areas on the face of the coin, visible only under a microscope, along with radial lines in the background on both sides of the coin. Due to these, the Canadian Maple Leaf coin is considered the safest coin in the world, where counterfeit production is virtually impossible. 1/4-ounce Maple Leaf gold coin is financially more affordable than buying 1- ounce coin, the standard size of this product. 

The Royal Canadian Mint was established in 1901.  In the first 30 years, the mint operated under the name ‘Ottawa Mint’. The mint produces a wide selection of products made of gold of high fineness, silver, palladium and platinum.  Along with these renowned coins, the Royal Canadian Mint produces investment gold bars, as well as gold and silver tokens for use in gold industry and manufacturing.

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