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The Golden American Eagle 1 oz (United States Mint)

The American Eagle 1 ounce is considered one of the visually most impressive gold coins in the world. It combines the key symbols of the American nation –the official national emblem of a white-headed bald eagle and the famous symbol of freedom and democracy, Lady Liberty. This coin has been in production as an official US coin since 1986.
The grounds for its production started with the Gold Bullion Coin Act that was passed by US Congress the year before. Its look dates back to 1905 when Augustus Saint-Gaudens was asked by President Theodore Roosevelt to design it. The American Eagle coin comes in four sizes.

The United States Mint is the official federal mint of the United States of America. Along with dollar coins currently in circulation, it is responsible for the production of gold coins and commemorative medals. The mint was established in 1792 in Philadelphia, and currently operates out of three branches–in Denver, San Francisco and West Point.

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United States of America


Ø 32,70mm






United States Mint

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31,10 g.

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