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Are you buying investment gold, silver or other precious metals? Check out the exclusive offer in our web shop!

Precious metals web shop

All services related to investment gold and silver in one place. Maximum support tailored to the needs of our clients. A complete and completely simple service!


A reliable partner with a good reputation.

Precious metals have been the safest investment for thousands of years. Their value rises when the value of other assets falls. That is why they represent an excellent insurance against a financial crash.

Investment gold and silver are an excellent choice to invest in uncertain times. And when it comes to precious metals, Goldman Graff is an excellent choice of partner.

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Precious metals in our web shop are available under the best conditions. Check purchase and sale prices for investment gold and silver.

Precious metals web shop

Why choose Goldman Graff?

When buying precious metals, you are looking for a reliable partner. Someone who can meet all your demands. Answer every question. Deliver more than expected. Someone who puts the client first.

This is precisely the vision that Goldman Graff implements consistently. And in doing so, it successfully combines tradition and knowledge with a modern approach to business. When it comes to precious metals, Goldman Graff is the best answer.

Centuries - old tradition

Goldman Graff was built on a family tradition of precious metal trading that started in 1916. The experience gained over the years, invaluable knowledge of the market and knowledge of precious metals are a guarantee of quality service to our clients.

Safety and reliability

Whether you want to store gold with us, or ask for delivery to your home address, Goldman Graff carries out strong security procedures and holds high professional standards. Your assets with us are always safe. And insured.

Details that make a difference

In Goldman Graff, we work on having a long-lasting relationship with our clients. That is why we want to provide more than what is expected. Cheaper or free shipping, exclusive packaging for bars and gold coins, a year of free storage are just some of the details that elevate our services above standard.

Maximum availability

As the only company that does business with investment gold in the whole of Europe, we know that availability to customers is our greatest asset. Our employees provide full-time support for all inquiries. Our logistics network covers every part of the Old Continent.

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