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Buying gold by mail is a free service that pays the most for your old jewelry or other gold and silver items. From your home, without expenses and without obligation, get the cash within 24 hours.

How it works

Buying gold online gives you the simplest and best way to sell gold. You don’t pay anything and you can quit at any time. No expense, no obligation.

You don’t have to leave home to get cash. Just register in our app and request free accessories that we deliver to your address.

The whole process is under your control and you can track everything by using the app: the location of the gold, the gold valuation recording, the amount of the buyout offer, the choice of payout method.

We take maximum care of your gold: we send a quick delivery service to pick it up and insure it from loss and theft.

All the risk is on us, all the income is yours!


The Auro Domus app is completely free and gives you access to gold buyout services and more affordable purchases of gold in the web shop. Track your past transactions, be the first to know all the discounts and special offers.

From the app you can request a free kit for the purchase of gold by mail. Auro Domus will send you a security envelope with a unique serial number, protected from unauthorized opening, to your home address. In addition to the envelope, we will also send all the necessary documentation for the sale of gold.

With our calculator and kitchen scale, you can easily check the approximate value of gold. Look for a stamp on the items you sell that will reveal the content of gold. For example, 585 means a content of 58.5 per cent and 750 means a content of 75 per cent of gold. Check their weight on the kitchen scale. Enter all the data into the calculator and you’ll get the approximate value of your gold.

After filling in the data, you can arrange with our employees the time that best suits you to handover your gold. Auro Domus will send a quick delivery service to pick up the envelope at your doorstep. Your gold in transport is completely safe and insured.?

Upon arrival of the package to our center, it will be opened by our educated employees who will perform a free valuation of your gold. The entire process of opening and testing gold is recorded and you can monitor it in the app.

Once evaluated, you’ll see our offer for your gold in the app. It is enough to accept the estimated value and choose the withdrawal method in the app, and Auro Domus will pay you the funds within 30 minutes.?

If you’re not satisfied with the offer, we’ll return your gold with a secured shipment, also completely free of charge.

What we buy

You can sell us all items made of gold and silver – scrap gold, gold coins, medals, dental gold and gold teeth, watches, jewelry, gold plaques, silver jewelry, silverware, silver coins…

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings are the most common items for buying gold. They have a different content of gold, but most often come in a variant of 14 or 18 carats (markings 585 and 750).

Dental gold

Dental gold comes in several forms. Dental plates usually have 22 carats, which place

Gold watches

Gold watches are purchased without their mechanism, i.e. only the mass and purity of the gold from which the watch housing is made is calculated as the value.

Scrap gold

Scrap gold (and silver) refers to all objects that contain gold or silver in their composition, in different proportions, but are no longer for use. The status of such items does not play any role in determining the value.

Gold coins

Gold coins that have certificates belong to investment gold and are purchased at special prices. The most famous gold coins of this kind are the ducats. Gold coins without certificates are purchased at a price dependent on their content of gold.

Gold bars

Gold bars that have certificates belong to investment gold and are purchased at special prices. Products without certificates are purchased at a price dependent on their content of gold.

Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry generally has a silver content of 92.5 per cent (mark 925), while jewelry with a silver content of 90 per cent (mark 900) is less common. Silver has a significantly lower price than gold.

Silver coins and silver bars

Silver coins and silver bars that have a certificate are purchased at special prices. Unlike investment gold, silver is subject to VAT, which is why the difference between the sale price and the purchase price is higher.


Calculate the approximate value of your gold.

Choose the fineness and type in the weight in grams and you’ll get the approximate price of your gold.

For an accurate assessment, visit one of our branches where our professional staff will give you an assessment based on a detailed analysis of your gold.


More than HRK 1.2 billion disbursed

In more than 10 years of business, we have paid more than HRK 1.2 billion to our clients for their gold.

That’s why you can be sure we’re paying well. And fast.


€150,000?The payment will be right away.

The largest single payment was more than €150,000, paid within the same day of receiving the gold.

We don’t have a limit on the amount of the payout.


Hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients

We have built our business on a quality customer relationship, which is why every month our services are used by thousands of people.

At Auro Domus, you always come first.

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